Dutch Young Ladies support JOTA

2015_JOTA-JOTI_Deelnemerskaart_RayonsThis coming weekend is a special weekend. The third weekend of October is Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) / Jamboree On The Internet (JOTI): the event in which radioamateurs support scouts all over the world in contacting each other through amateur radio. The theme this year is: ‘The Earth is Yours’. More information about JOTA/JOTI can be found at jotajoti.info

The Dutch Young Ladies will participate in JOTA. Chantal PA5YL even provided a scoutinggroup with her personal callsign: PA5YL/J. The other ladies will support scoutinggroups involving radio technology and communication. There will be no PI4YLC/J but that might be different in the future…

Participating YLs of the PI4YLC contest-team:

  • Mariëtte PA1ENG: PA6JMC/J, scouting John McCormick, Zoetermeer, JO22GB
  • Chantal PA5YL: PA5YL/J, scouting Tarcisius, Landgraaf, JO30AV
  • Anneke PB8YL: PI4DEC/J, Thomas Estill Schoch de Ravallet & Arooda, Dordrecht, JO21IT
  • Ineke PD2CWM: PE6SBW/J, scouting Burgemeester Welschen Meerhoven, JO21RK
  • Monique PD3MKT: PI4AJS/J, Pakawevers-group, Neede, JO32HD
  • Claudia PD5AX: PA3EWG/J, scoutinggroup Hopman Latour, Eindhoven, JO21RK

YLs in YOTA Italy

6eda155a-ae1d-4c84-86ca-8e4c166cad22The Youngsters On The Air 2015 summer event took place in Italy 18 to 25 july (for details check out the website of YOTA: www.ham-yota.com). Lisa PA2LS joined the event as IARU R1 Youth Coordinator. A total of 76 Youngsters from 23 different countries were present. Among them a good number of YLs, as can be seen in the picture.